2011 SPRING TOUR - PALMA - MAJORCA March 25th - 29th

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One thing we look forward to in the new year is our spring tour - somewhere warm (hopefully) after a long winter of practices. This year we chose Palma in Majorca - one of the Spanish Balearic islands, and the tour was organised by Mick Reeve the current Bagman. (Itinerary)

Our hotel - Hostal Apuntadores, was situated up a narrow street Calle Apuntadores close to Plaza de la Reina. After an early moring start, first thing was lunch and our first taste of the local fayre - Tapas & Paella

No dancing was scheduled for today so the afternoon was spent getting to know Palma and some of it's magnificent architecture (more pictures later).

That evening we were to meet Chris Dove from the British Council who we had met before in Valencia. He had helped Mick organise the dancing spots in Palma. The rendezvous was at one of the many street cafes and from there we moved on to a Tapas restaurant where Chris negotiated a fixed menu of local delicacies.

Saturday. We were slightly nervous starting to dance in Palma as it was not clear what was the local protocol for street dancing. We had no need to worry, the locals were interested and the authorities indifferent - even the town guard,

Of course the dancing was interrupted by many stops at local bars - after all, it was a hot day!

That evening teh British Council had arranged for us to dance at an "eco festival" held in one of the city piazas.

Afterwards we dined at an large beer cellar style restaurant from a local menu arranged by Chris Dove (British Council). After eating there was a short sing-song abruptly ended by complaints from some German tourists.

On the way back home, we passed a party celebrating the opening of a new hairdressers and danced for a fee of pies & local wine.

Sunday. This was our day for a train ride over the central ridge of the island to Soller and onward to the port Peunto Soller, on the north side.

And, of course, dancing at Soller station where we met with a train operative who was a bagpipe player with his own traditional band,

Dancing & refreshments at Soller, then a tram down to the port for lunch.

Back again on the train to Palma - a little tired.

As it was Sunday, and not all outlets were open, we had the forethought on Sat to buy a picnic dinner at a local market to be eaten on the hostel roof terrace - which has a spectacular view and shared with other guests.

Monday. This was the day Chris Dove had organised for us to dance at two schools. We have done this several times abroad and have found it a worthwhile and rewarding experience. This was no exception. We were met by Rosemary Lindsay from the British Council who had been liaising with the Montesion school. At the first we would have preferred to dance outside, but the weather threat persuades the school to schedule indoors in the sports hall. Over 600 children watched here, the noise was deafening - especially when the teachers joined us in the Webley stick dance.

On to the second school, Luis Vives, with older pupils who had a very good grasp of English. Rafael Abraham was our host there. We were in an auditorium situation but still managed to pull-in audience participation.

Exhausting, and the walk back to the hostel was interrupted by several stops at one entertained by a passing Xylophone player who was coaxed into playing - only to be told to go away by a local shopkeeper!

The last evening. We used the left-over's from our Sunday feast as an hors d'oeuvres, but in reality there was enough for our supper on the roof garden.

Then off for the last night. We were advised to choose a bar which had a licence for music - which we did, but clearly in the old red-light district. Nevertheless, a good night of singing was had by all.

We were all impressed by the wonderful architecture in Palma, here are some examples.

Those who went...

Palmer Mike; Dave Brewster; Dick Thornborrow; Kevin Blatch; Lawrie Aitken; Keith Graham; Kenny Polland; Richard Coe; Bob McDermott; David Tydeman; Ian Meigh; Ken Simmons; Quentin Jarvis; Mike Garland; Tim Huggins (Squire); Bill Johnston; Mick Reeve (Bagman); Des Herring

End of Log
Dick Thornborrow
April 2011