As if we couldn't adhere to our own advice - go somewhere warm in Spring! Looking at the weather forecast running up, it was snow all the way. On top of that, easyjet cancelled our return flight at short notice (nonsense as it turned due to a computer glitch), & we had to re-book via Ryanair at short notice with a change of airport and a train journey into Austria. More later. However we got there.

Friday 12th March.
As usual, on arrival, the first priority was to find a watering hole and sample the local brew - a blond ale and a brown ale which when mixed to our palate proved to be very fizzy.

Then a brief tour of the town to get our bearings and take in the wonderful architecture.

A tentative first dance before an aperitif, then on to dinner.

We took advice and found a local restaurant (well bar really) where we could get ethnic local food. Really great but the black puddings were not to some people's lining. A song or two afterwards.

Saturday 13th March.
A day for dancing around Ljubljana. Heading for the market we came across the signature bridge of the city with it's magnificent dragon guardians. We danced there, the market and any other suitable stands stopping occasionally for refreshment. Then back past an ecological demonstration for a brief rest.

In the afternoon we sought an ethnic oriented museum - largely deserted but we danced nevertheless.

Back to base and the local bar where there was a very curious talking vending machine which tempted passing gents with it's erotic contents. Ken seems not to have quite got the point, but it was a cold day.

Sunday 14th March
Along the riverbank there was a flea market which provided our morning dance stands.

In the afternoon we tackled the steep hill up to the castle - most by vermicular railway. There magnificent vista over the city and over to the Karawanken Alps. The sun was out but the snow had not yet cleared at this height.

Sunday is observed as a rest day in Slovenia so the choice of restaurant for the evening was limited. The tourist joint was considerably more expensive than the ethnic house & some men ducked out of a meal that night & joined others in the bar later. Then back to R&R and bed.

Monday 15th March
One of the local attractions is an ancient salt mine. Getting there required decoding the local bus routes but we got there. Those who wanted to afford the entry fee took the "train" to the depths of the mine where the jingling of bells irritated some of the punters. The route through the tunnels and chambers eventually brought us to a huge cavern where we danced a single dance with the blessing of our guide.

That evening we returned back to the ethnic restaurant for our last feast and sing-song. Afterwards we headed to a bar at the invitation of the girlfriend of the hostel warden who was celebrating her birthday. We were her "entertainment" novelty for her friends It was cold outside.

Tuesday 16th March
Back home today - via Austria due to the "cancelled" flight from Ljubljana. A route had been worked out by train through the Alps to Klagenfurt.

An early start gave us the benefit of a dance stand in the town. It was very noticeable that the people were much less friendly in Austria than Slovenia.

A final lunch in a brewhouse and a very happy man after his pudding!

End of Log
Dick Thornborrow
March 2010